How Africa and Nigeria is Now the Future of the world

Though mildly but in unity with little publication, we have used this strategy to achieve A VIOLENT AND NATIONAL CALAMITY FREE CROSSOVER/NEW YEAR CELEBRATION 2019 FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME TO BE REMEMBERED IN NIGERIA through a nationwide publication on Radio Nigeria Network and others avenues. And within 2-3 Years, if the Universal System of Leadership of ARISE NIGERIA GLOBAL MISSION is used by at least 10% of Nigeria’s population, the following shall be the results:

1.     There shall be massive or great Peace and Unity clearly established amongst all religion, tribes or ethnicity in Nigeria;   
2.     All types of evil powers or terrorism shall become a thing of the past; there shall be no more terrorism or uprising in Nigeria; this can last for at least 40-50years;
3.     There shall be massive human capital development and efficiency in Nigeria with integrity and moral justifications;
4.     There shall be good governance and effective egalitarian society  because the best people available person will take leadership position;
5.     There shall be great economic prosperity (growth and development) arising from the above;  
6.     No kind of natural disaster will be recorded in Nigeria especially amongst all the users of the Universal System of Leadership in and outside of Nigeria;
7.     International Relevance: many people will seek to be called Nigerians and even to live in Nigeria. Nigerians and all those who key into this will be sought for worldwide to deliver this principle to other nations;
8.     Human Right, institutions and laws shall be strengthened and made effective  

Nigeria’s TIME

At some points in time, it was Egypt, Babylon/Persia (Iraq/Iran), Israel, Saudi Arabia, USA, Britain, Germany etc that led the world in one form of development splendor or another. Today the world is in deep mess; even these countries are finding it very difficult to help themselves out of the global menace not to mention helping others. It is not that they are not willing but truly they do not have the solution else they world have used it for themselves and their country. They need our help now. The summary is that Nigeria is becoming the leading nation of the world to further human and universal transformation. There are few people with a little understanding about Nigeria’s global leadership but we have discovered by the help of Almighty God how it can be effectuated through this logical and humanistic approach for growth and development called the Universal System of Leadership.   

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