The Mistake in Christianity called Church or Churches; it Really Hurts.

Often times you hear or ask this question ‘where is your church’?  The fact is that some people may reply thus ‘it is our church or it is the church of God’, ‘it is not my church; ‘I don’t have a church’ etc and they may be right even though the truth may be that they truly have a church or churches, build by hands or money and they are using it as an industry that is delivering huge profits.

The word church means ‘an assembly of worshippers’ and not necessary in or a particular building, under the trees, a house, mountain, or land/country. So if you ask so many people who believe in God that about God’s worship place, they may say one of the followings:

1.      A church or a mosque or a place build for such purpose
2.      A personal house, alter or secret room
3.      A mountain/rock, an ocean or location around a city that is visible or not visible to all people
4.      A holy land or city where the prophet who them believed had lived  or performed miracles
5.      A human being who believes in God  

In all of the above, the mode of worship may differ through fasting, meditation, wearing of some clothes; praying while kneeling down, standing, laying down or facing a particular direction etc which may be appropriate or worthwhile. But the truth is that how can a city, a stone/rock/mountain, a church building, secret room, alter, a tree or a human body which can destroyed by the worship or secret place of God. NO! The worship place of God is the time which is created/build by God and not by a man or group of people. It cannot be destroyed; it remains forever from age to age. Even Jesus used the time and spoke commanded it (John 4:6,19-24, see Acts 17:24-25). 

From this exposition, now it may be correct to say ‘the church in Asia, Rome, Nigeria’ as often expressed in the Bible and it is because, the believers are supposed to gather from their individual locations or houses by the time in the same time zone; that is the revered unity
 But today, Christians do not want to hear a thing about this the Universal Time Church of God which is made forever and by which the Time Redemption Prayer should be offered from all locations in Unity and the consequences applies This may be because of the followings:
1.       Ignorance (that’s why my people perish);
2.       Rejection (They simple reject it because they say….God does not have any Law for us to obey….it was the old testament);
3.       Pride (like the Pharisees of old, they are many who know about this but they won’t say…they are afraid be called rebels);
4.       The Gains: Some because the gathering of people to them in their churches is giving them plenty of profit and income and they fear that people will rather stay up in their houses to worship God by the time.   
5.       Cares of Life: They are too busy pursing success to obey the principle of God instituted by God from the foundation of the World. It is what God used to create the world and to mange it also.
  In all God is warning you because disobeying God especially after you have known but refused. REPENT!  

What is the Church Time?
‘Pray without ceasing’ and ‘praying all kinds of prayer’ may be the portions of the Bible that may come into people heart when you talk about God’s Time of Prayer.

But if you say ‘Gods time is the Best’ or ‘there is time for everything’, then you should know that God has set the best time for prayers (Psm, 32:6) for your own good and not for His own good and greatness seeing that God is the greatest.  

Don’t keep violating God order of prayer and expect good results in your life. This is one great and major mistakes that is responsible for all the disgrace and calamities that the world is facing today.

To be continued:
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Ijigban is the only worldwide celebrated Professor of the time and times and minster of God.
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