The Time Redemption Prayer In Unity of the Faith

God has revealed and accurately by the word that there is a set time for prayers by which all peace loving people or believers should gather unto Him in worship and from all their locations. For example, it is written as spoken by King David that:

“For this (judgment and mercy) shall EVERY ONE THAT IS GODLY PRAY unto thee in A TIME when thou mayest (chosen to) be found: surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him.(KJV) Psalm 32:6 words in brackets added by me for better understanding.

Just because you did not know the time before now does not mean that it does not exist. And please I would like you to know that you will need to have an open mind to continue to dig into this because the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith or revelation/understanding from one level to another (Romans 1:17).The Time Redemption Prayer is God’s instruction that all believers should gather to Him by the Redemption time or hours which are between 11pm-1am (Night) and at 12noon (day) in prayers daily to activate and to receive all kinds or divine intervention and for evil to be judged in their land. By the Scripture and understandably the Redemption Time or hours is proven as God’s time for adjudication of justice and judgment and for man to call onto Him in love and unity of mind and purpose. 


God uses time and numbers accurately and it may amaze you now to know that:

1.     God created time first (i.e day and night and invariably 24hours)
2.     By the creation of time first, God brought order to the universe
3.     God created the world on time  (6-7 Days)

As a request to God and in the psalms, it is written thus  “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom” (90:2). In other words ‘helps us to understand time or how to rule our day that will lead to the enforcement of the wisdom’.  Now let us understand Gods wisdom of the day or time;
1.     Time does not change (it is 24hours). It is the only elements that everyone has in equality.  People change by time and by what they know or do.
2.     Morning begins at 12am
3.     Evening begins at 12noon/pm (the first Hour of the evening). There is no ‘afternoon’ in the spiritual.   
4.     At 12noon, spiritual darkness begins in every land or against all mankind good or bad, a believer or not. That is God’s setting.
5.     11pm is the last hour of the Night/pm

All the statements above have scriptural foundation. And let us consider a few here. But remember that the Redemption time is 11pm-1am and 12noon. And the Scripture refers to the last hour of the day as THE EVENING and the first hour of the day as THE MORNING and 12noon as SIXTH HOUR or just NOON. Noon means the most important or middle.  

God stayed by or used the Time or Hours Of Redemption daily (THE EVENING AND THE MORNING) for six days to create the universe and man. This is why it is written that:

“The Evening and the Morning were the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and  sixth day” Gen 1:5,8, 13, 19, 23

This means that God took or used the last hour of the Night and the day to create the universe. He then set it out for man’s use in order to reach Him in prayers and to take dominion of the day or invariable the universe daily.  Let us see how some people clearly use the time in response to God’s order.

God Almighty by Himself
It is necessary to say that we have established above that God uses the Redemption Time to create the universe and we shall look into how God uses the Time to manage the universe. So God created man in His image on the six day (the last Creation) and then mandated man to have dominion and to live AFTER HIS LIKENESS... In others words ‘to live in the same order of His operation or creativity to have power over the universe’. So man is created in His image but may not be living after the likeness or operation of God.

King David
One major person, that used the time knowingly and purposely to succeed and to establish his success is King David. And that is why it is written of Him saying:
“As for me, I will call upon God; and the LORD shall save me. EVENING, and MORNING, AND AT NOON, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice. He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle [that was] against me: for there were many with me.”(KJV) Psalm 55:16-18

Though in good faith but without understanding the secret of the time with God some bible Translators turned the above Scripture upside down by putting it does ‘Morning, Evening and Noon’ since it seems more logical. But clearly from the above, King David was saying that as for him (even if you refuse), he will call to God. And he began to define the TIME/Hours of which he calls such that his voice should be heard in heaven. And the last part is that God delivered him from all his troubles because he obeyed. That means as King, President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Israel at that time, he would not miss the prayer time appointed by God. There is more to be said of him in this regard. If you know when you should call to God to be delivered, wont you and shouldn’t you?

Jesus of Nazareth
First of all, let me kindly bring to your notice that Jesus was conceived and given birth to at the Redemption Time (at night). Also He was transfigured at the same time/hours on the mountain. He decreed the will of God and was captured at the same time by the night. He was sentenced or given up for judgment at the same time (12noon) and He resurrected at the same time (night). All the parables He thought can be traced to the time or in using the Time including that of the 10virgins. Jesus commanded all including you and I and people of all generations who believe to use the TIME including the 12noon to pray and worship God in truth and in spirit; believing that He is with God. That is why it is written that:

1.     He met the woman of Samaria at about 11:30am…(about noon or the sixth Hour); John 4:6.
2.     He started conversing with her and told the woman her secrets;
3.     The woman believed in Him but insisted that she would have to be praying in a visible mountain she pointed out to Jesus as to where her fathers pray. But her problem was that the Jews were insisting that they all who should believe MUST be in the Temple at Jerusalem to worship God. 

4.     THEN Jesus begun to open the generational secret that the HOUR (12NOON) is coming that God demands that everyone who should worship Him should do so even on top of the hour. Beloved, He repeated this secret three (3) times for clarity in that conversation.  See John 4:6,19-24

Beloved look at your Bible, but the challenge is that most Bible translators in good faith had changed ‘THE HOUR’ to ‘THE TIME’ and left it vague and unclear. But I now show you the right order by the mercies of God. It is also written, that Jesus used THE TIME being on the mountain continuously daily to fulfill the mission; (Luke 21:37). Jesus did not only come to save mankind, but to show men how those who should be called sons of GOD or children of God should live and to have dominion over the universe.  

PROF. IJIGBAN DANIEL OKETA is God’s Servant and Messenger in Unity of the Faith and Mankind in the New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation. He is the National Coordinator and Leader of ARISE NIGERIA GLOBAL MISSION.
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