The Universal Dominion and Leadership for Mankind is a Hoax?

This is not about a people, religion or country. It is about mankind and human dignity.  If mankind does not have complete dominion over the universe, what good are they and what is their duty?

The word dominion (leadership authority) with its imaginative value is common to many people no doubt. And as a human being, you are not only positioned but can exercise or use the full right of the dominion over all things seen or unseen; animate or inanimate and in fact the entire universe.
Today, it is becoming very apologetic that most humans live UNDER or in SUBJECTION to the powers of the universe including sicknesses, death, evil, and animal revolts etc against them successfully.

Is the Dominion Lost?
1.     The dominion is not lost but it ineffectively applied or not being used at all.
2.     The dominion is not lost just because a man called Adam/wife sinned; if not what is the work of Jesus Christ in restoring the dominion?  
3.     The dominion is not lost or hidden because of human sins if not what is the meaning of God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness.
4.     The dominion is not lost because humans are worshiping God in different buildings or location or speaking different languages   

What is the Fundamental Problem?
The dominion is seem to be lost  or becoming very ineffective in the lives of many because of GREAT IGNORANCE in exercising the dominion or by not using the Universal System of Leadership Unity by most human beings including you. The Universal System of Leadership is a nature order of existence through which mankind should truly champion the leadership of the universe in peace and unity.

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God is too big to be a God of one people or of many nations. God is the God of all people. 

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