Why the World is Under Intense Destruction and the Only Solution Thereof

The entire world and inhabitants are under destruction and the only solution is the emergence of a New World and hence this exposition being the revelation of God Almighty for a New World Order and for Human and Universal Transformation. Therefore note followings:

1.     Just as was in the times of Noah with the emergence of a New World (this present world which is getting old and fading away), so also a New World is emerging within and around us for good. Genesis 8:1-22, 9:1-5, 2Peter 3:13,14

2.     It is not because God is wicked (He forbids wickedness) but it is a bid to save mankind from the destruction they have cause this present world and to give them a New start especially those who believe (to obey His safety/Instruction) just as Noah and a few others. Genesis 6:11-22
3.     The fire that is destroying this world is puzzle popularly known today as   Global Warming; I.e the heat waves  causing all kinds of destructive effects on the universe; and this world may not survive the next 13years from now; 2Peter 3:10-12, Mathew 24:21-22    

The earth is melting under higher waves of heat and all kinds of destruction are already going on and it is no longer news including many assertions by scientists about the uncertain future of the world some of whom said, the world cannot last more than 100years in 2017 and that mankind should find a place (a new earth) to move out into. But the good news is the solution which is not revealed with some instructions of God to be followed by all those who will be saved successfully into the New World; there are as follows:

1.     The Time Redemption Prayer in Unity of the Faith and Mankind: the only way to understand this situation better and to escaped all types of evil or destruction is for you to begin to use the Time Redemption Prayer being the INVISIBLE ARK OF GOD in the unity of faith and mankind; this is proven by the scripture as God’s sacred instruction.(See Revelation 7:9-17).

a.     Power Over Death: The Time Redemption Prayer is the only power against all types of death and destruction. Those who should make the New World are not expected to die but escape death with their body, soul and spirit into the New World (Luke 21:36). 
b.     The Time Frame: There is a time frame for one to be qualified by using the Time Redemption Prayers daily and if not it will be shut (See Genesis 7:16, Luke 13:23-27 
c.      Saving the animals: the Time Redemption Prayer is united service of the sons (faith) in prayers in respective of their callings or location and through which even animals shall be saved into the New World  (See Romans 8:18-23, Ephesians 4:11-17, Luke 12:35-39).

2.     Stop Giving Birth: This may sound very illogical but the simple fact is that children cannot stand for themselves as above (No1&2), so it is only adults or age 12 and above that can be able to obey the safety instructions. So it was with Noah and the family of lot (Luke 21:23; 17:26-36)

3.     Concentration: What is most important for everyone who truly needs help of God is to USE THE TIME REDEMPTION PRAYERS DAILY and to eat and drink; cloth himself daily. There is no solution anywhere else except this. Even though you will be highly secured against all harms and also prosper by aligning to God using the Time Redemption Prayers, you are strongly advised not to violate the instruction as above like Lots wife (1Timothy 6:6-10, Luke 12:35, 9:62)    

If a garment is old and could tear any time, you need a new one not to parch it. The world as a garment is old and needs a replacement as so it is written:

“Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look upon the earth beneath: for the heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth shall wax old like a garment, and they that dwell therein shall die in like manner: but my salvation shall be forever, and my righteousness shall not be abolished.”  Isaiah 51:6

Beloved if you continue to consume a soured soup, you will poison yourself. At this point only A NEW WORLD is the solution and the process has begun; it is opened to you and me and to all people. But will they listen; will you listen?

God is Just
God is too big to be a God of one person, people, and one nation or of many nations. God is the God of all people but of the same principle in every land/country; therefore God is God to everyone in every land who obeys His principles per time.  This is a systematic thing and if you simply obey your own part, many things shall become clear to you and work in your favour and on your behalf. It is not about whether you have already accepted Christ or not, the fact is that if you are not obeying the instruction of the Time Redemption, you are likely to be killed (by anything possible); you may make heaven but you will not enter the New World; the qualification into the New World is not death but deathlessness.  Be cautioned that there is no solution anywhere else except this revealed power of God which only requires your discipline and trust in God to obey wherever you may be with your family.

Since 2017, this complete wisdom is delivered by God to a Nigerian (IJIGBAN DANIEL OKETA) in Nigerian amongst the over 7billion people and through which only a few people are qualified already from Nigeria for the New World. This is not to condemn anyone but to state the fact and to expose the secret as much as possible for people to be saved. Therefore, Nigeria is becoming the headquarters of the world because, many people shall key into this revealed power of God from Nigeria through which the following shall become effective such that:

Evil shall be overthrown peacefully in Nigeria;
2.     Nigerians shall be sought for all over the world to deliver this particular wisdom and many shall seek to come and live in Nigeria;
3.     The transformation of Nigeria to lead the world is not in technology/science but in this wisdom as the only way for human and universal transformation; cooperation, peace and unity.

The success of the end time may affect those who will be and are already better off because they may think there is nothing else and may begin to violate the escape instructions of God; therefore beware and be warned.   

This messages is from God through IJIGBAN DANIEL OKETA  (Amos 3:7). To know more/publication, please contact +234 7037384814, 08117556685 or oketdanaiels@gmail.com or visit www.Newworldark.net  or email info@newworldark.net
Be wise on time with God and Be Wise with God on Time;

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