The End of this World and the Beginning of the New World?

This present world cannot last more than the year 2030 as revealed by God. Consequently, the processes leading to the end of this world and the beginning of a New World has been begun.

1.       The time is set and that is 2030 or less. Remember that the time frame (between now to 2030) but the particular day even if it will be revealed is not yet known. The time frame (between now and 2030) might be shortened but as the world of God says that:

“And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.”(KJV) Matthew 24:22

2.       The Great Tribulation: just as Noah’s time, evil of mankind has filled the earth leading to many kinds of death and destructions which preceded the Great Flood and as such that is happening today to precede the great tribulation by which no man may be able to repent anymore and only those in the Ark (now the Invisible Ark) shall survived. 

3.       The Invisible Ark is the instruction of God for you to pray and watch; redeeming the time in prayer for all types of divine intervention; protection, provision and guidance.

4.       Do not pray redeeming the times because you are poor or rich; do not pray/watch because you are in a particular challenge or not; happy or unhappy but pray/watch because life in itself is full of challenges and prayer is a commandment of God to you for your own good. Pray redeeming the times as the true commanded and not just as you desire to pray. 

The Lord God did not say you should pray/Watch (Redeeming the Times) to stop the happenings but TO BE ACCOUNTED WORTHY OF ESCAPE; Luke 21:36.

Do you really want to escape into the New World?

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