Death and Mankind; the New Discovery of Deathlessness

Death is a big challenge but there is no problem or challenge without a solution. The followings are some of the known or categorized causes of death:
1.      Personal sin or mistake
2.      Evil plans of others against you
3.      Natural disasters (earthquakes etc)
4.      Animal Rebellion/Attacks
5.      Sicknesses/Diseases
6.      Ageing
7.      Lack of knowledge
All the above are interwoven but the fact is that God has given you DOMINION OVER ALL THINGS (the universe) whereby all the above should be controlled/withstood by you effectively. So it is not that Death is too great a thing without a solution but because you did not know the solution to either take-on any or all of the above (causes) effectively.

Now the fact is that we have discovered the all encompassing solution to death and its causes.
This is the real deal and what the world is really looking for.
Know it and use it while there is time or while you can.
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