How Nigeria will Lead the New World Order in Unity of Faith and Mankind to God

The universal solution for human and universal transformation is discovered in Nigeria and it is how Nigeria shall lead the world and now becoming the future and headquarter of humanity

How Can Nigeria Lead the World?
Worldwide, many people and religious or faith based groups and organizations know that Nigeria will lead the world. Many Christians, Muslims, the Baha'i's etc and even free thinkers have come to this great understanding but they do not know how it should begin or be achieved and yet some of them are trying to enforce it the wrong way; by their own way. But by the grace of God, the way up and out for Nigeria to lead the world into the next phase of human and universal transformation has been duly revealed by God Almighty.

It is Nigeria's TIME
At some points in history, it was Egypt, Babylon/Persia (Iraq/Iran), Israel, Saudi Arabia, USA, Britain, Germany etc that led the world in one form of development splendor or another. Today the world is in deep mess; even these countries are finding it very difficult to help themselves out of the global menace not to mention helping others. It is not that they are not willing but truly they do not have the solution else they world have used it for themselves and their country. They need our help now by what you will discover now.  The summary is that Nigeria is becoming the leading nation of the world to further human and universal transformation. It will not start with structural development but a humanistic approach for:
1.                   Unity of Faith and Mankind to God; in effective spiritual and religious worship to God; for the destruction of all types of evil powers and for unity and peace of the Nation and the world at large;
2.                   Socio-Economic and Political Transformation; through good governance and establishment of egalitarian society with infrastructural and financial prosperity;  
3.                   Human Capital and Universal Leadership Development:  for transformed individuals with high moral standing and human capital development which is the bedrock of all types of transformation.
All the above are interwoven; it is the all encompassing solution the world needs and shall be deployed using the divine unity of faith worship to God in the Time Redemption Prayer; an independent spiritual and religious unity of mankind for effective prayers and protest against evil and to activate all forms of divine intervention in love and peace. And secondly through the Universal System of Leadership for Individual or collective development, job creation, national patriotism and universal exploit. This is what the world and all people and nations are yearning for to be set free and it is now accessible.

How to Join the Unity of Faith and Mankind to God from Your Room
The solution to all forms of global menaces; for human and universal transformation; for the destruction of evil; for peace and unity is the Universal Unity of Faith and Mankind to God using the Time Redemption Prayer.
The Time Redemption Prayer is an independent and interfaith prayer and worship to God by all those who believe in the supremacy of God for the needed divine intervention. It is proven as the most accurate divine revelation and commandant of God through many doctrinaires including the Bible, Quoran etc for peace, unity and progress.
The effective use of the Time Redemption Prayer just for a night/day by peace loving people in any land/country will lead to great and mighty divine intervention with generational influence. And though mildly, the Time Redemption Prayers was published and used in Nigeria to order a disaster/death-free CROSSOVER/NEWYEAR 2019 celebration for the very first time to be remembered in Nigeria since 1960. The followings are some advantages of using the Time Redemption Prayer in Unity of Faith and mankind to God: 
1.                   Peace and Unity and National Development;
2.                   High Personal Moral Standards
3.                   National Security/Missile Defense System;
4.                   Personal success in career business and family;
5.                   Emotional Control Intelligence;
6.                   Higher National Service and Patriotism ;
7.                   End to Natural Disasters;
8.                   Wisdom and Knowledge Advancement;
9.                   Destruction of Evil forces and Terrorism;
10.               Self and Universal Leadership.

How to Join and enforce the unit of faith using the Time Redemption Prayer:
It is simply to use the spiritual dominion and leadership hours/time for daily gathering in Unity and in Prayers to God. The time is between 11pm-1am and 12noon.  It is from your location daily.
THE TIME AND INSTRUCTION OF PRAYER IS THE INVISIBLE ARK OF GOD for perfect protection of God’s people from this fallen world into the New World for Human and Universal Transformation and only through which they will survive the Great Tribulation which has begun.
This is the real and fundamental solution that the world needs and which every human being needs to succeed further; TAKE IT PERSONAL. God has blessed us with the solution. Use it wisely on time.

Apart from the fact that mankind is currently in great danger because of  misusing and neglecting their universal leadership role, whoever is not in the Unity of Faith and Mankind to God will soon be killed by one evil or another against his/her will because such a person has refused to obey God or succeed further in life. This is a quick warning signal and opportunity for escape as the world moves into the New Era of change for human and universal Transformation in the New World Order. Consequently, those in the unity of Faith are those united to God in the New World Order and shall survive the great tribulation and destruction which has already began. This is an absolute truth.
See Diagram below: 

Intentionally or unintentionally, whosoever is not in this is in danger of poverty, destruction and sudden death. This is the collective multi-national goal of Faith, Unity & Progress irrespective of status/gender or socio-economic, political and religious affiliation. 
You are needed; plug yourself in now….

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