How the Paradise Will Begin from Nigeria, Africa

Some people find it hard to come to terms with the fact that the Garden of Eden mentioned in the Bible is the present day Iraq (Southern Mesopotamia) and thereabout while The Turks say those four rivers are the headwaters of the Tigris, Pison, Gihon and Euphrates rivers in modern Turkey. The Paradise (the replication of the Garden of Eden) is always on earth and the next one will begin from Nigeria, Africa. The Time is close now.

BEFORE OR UNTIL 2030 FOR THE NEW WORLD: Until the New World begins, the wonton death and destruction of the universal will continue against all those who are not using THE INVISIBLE ARK OF GOD being revealed in order for you and all faithful people to remain prosperous and secured against the leadership failure of mankind and revolt from the universe including Global warming/heat, natural disasters, sicknesses etc. The New World (Paradise; replication of the Garden of Eden) is always on earth and the next one will begin in Nigeria, Africa. You may not like to hear this but there is going to be a New World…just the same way a New World started with Noah and Seven (7) others (who believed to use the Physical Ark) ‘foolishly’ then. So also, the New World will begin with only those who use THE INVISIBLE ARK OF GOD IN UNITY OF FAITH BY REDEEMING THE TIMES IN PRAYERS.

How to Use the Invisible Ark of God
The Invisible Ark is to use the TIME REDEMPTION PRAYER if you believe in the supremacy of God from your locations (house, office, public places etc). It is a holy instruction that you should pray (watch) daily between 11pm-1am (night) and 12noon (Day). It as an instruction of gathering unto God at the same time with other believers in prayers and in unity of mind/purpose (to activate and enforce divine intervention of all kinds). This is Very simple: that you should watch/Pray to God daily even by 11:15- 12:15am and @12noon in obedience to God for your own good. See diagram:   
By redeeming the time in Prayers, you live ahead of time daily. You have complete control over your day and the universe. You are performing your leadership role of ordering or dominating the universe in peace and in unity with others whether you know them or not; you are decreeing judgment and justice upon the earth; that is why nothing shall by any means hurt you  and you will happily see the New World  in peace; body soul and spirit with tasting death.  See diagram below:

Some Features and Principles of the Invisible Ark of God: The followings are some principles and advantages of THE INVISIBLE ARK of God (Redeeming the Time in Prayers to God Almighty):
a.                   Power Over Death: The Time Redemption Prayer is the only power against all types of death and destruction. Those who should make the New World are not expected to die but escape death with their body, soul and spirit into the New World (Luke 21:36 Revelation 7:9-17). 
b.                  The Time Frame: There is a time frame for one to be qualified by using the Time Redemption Prayers daily and if not it will be shut (See Genesis 7:16, Luke 13:23-27)
c.                   Saving the animals: the Time Redemption Prayer is the united service of the sons in prayers in respective of their callings or location and through which even animals shall be saved into the New World  (See Romans 8:18-23, Ephesians 4:11-17, Luke 12:35-39).
d.                  Stop Giving Birth: This may sound very illogical but the simple fact is that children cannot stand for themselves as above. So it is only adults or age 12 and above that can be able to obey the safety instructions. So it was with Noah and the family of Lot (Luke 21:23; 17:26-36)

Concentration: What is most important for everyone who truly needs help of God is to USE THE TIME REDEMPTION PRAYERS DAILY and to eat and drink; cloth himself daily. There is no solution anywhere else except this. Even though you will be highly secured against all harms and also prosper by aligning to God using the Time Redemption Prayers, you are strongly advised not to violate the instruction as above like Lots wife (1Timothy 6:6-10, Luke 12:35, 9:62).   

It is time to let go of all things in order to possess the future and the present as being revealed. This is a great challenge and challenges pave way for higher success. Sacrifices upturn challenges into opportunities. Sacrifices are continuous just as challenges are everywhere.  Sacrifices open the way to hidden Knowledge/Secrets that are used to overcome challenges easily, cost effectively and effortlessly. Sacrifice all you have include your life to use the Time Redemption Prayers Daily and to be qualified (Luke 13:23-30). Jesus Christ is the saviour of Mankind and now He has revealed how mankind should be saved.
The Expected Mockery/Disobedience
So many people are going to mock this and some will ignore it and supposedly live on with their lives but don't worry because so it was it with Noah; (Luke 17:24-37). More so that Noah was albino…so they laughed at him…but it came to pass. Noah had brothers and relatives who never listened to him either. So certainly, many people including your family members may not want to hear or use the Invisible Ark (The Time Redemption Prayers).But it is so real and many people are already perishing (Gen 6:11-13, 7:12, Luke 13:25, 2Peter 3:3-13). It is not about the church you attend or how much you pray, it is about following the revealed instruction of God (Acts 17:24-26, Romans 1:17).

Are you A Muslin, Christian or What?
The truth is no one (Christians, Muslims, Bahias, and Buddhists Hindus etc) is qualified to enter into the New World or Paradise unless they use the Invisible Ark of God in prayers and in unity of the Faith and Mankind. This means that it is not about where you are going to a church or a mosque etc to pray or not but it is about using the secret of Prayer (the Time Redemption) from where ever you may be daily. You may not like this- or claiming to be righteous than other people and then rejecting this but this is the simple truth.  

Help Yourself and Others:
1.                   Use the revealed secret of God by yourself and for your own good
2.                   Help to show this to other people far or near;
3.                   Invest in the advancement and publishing  of this through every means possible to you or in your own way;
We are exposing same through the social media, radio, TV, Newsprint including seminars and conferences etc. It is a GREAT PRIVILEGE that the Unity of Faith and Mankind as God's prophecy is being fulfilled in your life and time now. Every prophecy of God has the responsibility of man or those who desire its fulfillment especially in their lives. This is the time and your responsibility is revealed. This is the only way (the Invisible Ark of God by the Time Redemption Prayer) into the New World; the beginning of the New Age in unity of Faith and Mankind to God. It begins in NIGERIA.

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