How to Survive the Current Global Destruction and Great Tribulation

We are looking for survivals; we want you to survive the great tribulation of these days into the New World to begin a new life with God in unity of faith and mankind.

The world today is a replication of the Noah’s days preceding the great flood (great tribulation) and the then New World with just eight persons who have multiplied unto this day.

Evil of mankind has filled the earth causing much destruction and paving way for the great tribulation.
Just believing in God may not just save you but by obeying the instruction of God which simply is for you (and your family) to use the Invisible Ark of God daily.

The Invisible Ark
The Invisible Ark is the instruction of God for you to pray and watch; redeeming the time in prayer for all types of divine intervention; protection, provision and guidance.

Do not pray redeeming the times because you are poor or rich; do not pray/watch because you are in a particular challenge or not; happy or unhappy but pray/watch because life in itself is full of challenges and prayer is a commandment of God to you for your own good. Pray redeeming the times as the true commanded and not just as you desire to pray. 

Rich or poor, many people are already perishing against the great tribulation just as it is written that such a times as this will come. But you can be saved and safe.

Therefore, use the Invisible Ark today and daily.   

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