Is the Unity of Faith the Sole Responsibility of God?

Some people may say God depends on no one, no body or nothing to do a thing…if He wants to; but that is not really true or the real-big deal. 
Beloved, the big deal is that God depends on you (what you know or do) in order for you to receive or establish His blessings upon your life.
That is to say God has done everything already for the benefit of mankind; now it is always remaining what that you (should) do to connect to or receive the great miracles through Him.
Let us watch daily Redeeming the Time in Prayers to God in UNITY OF THE FAITH as a great requirement of the Blessing and our intercessory role over the universe.’
We are not deceived….by the antics of ignorance and the devil. We shall surprise those who do not believe in themselves, in you and in us as unto God.

For God so loved the world and He gave all He had (sacrificially) to say it. This is a universal success and collective goal for emancipation of mankind; so what are you giving up for yourself, people, Nigeria, your country or the world to be delivered into the glorious liberty of God as it was in the Garden?
The real champions of the world dig deep into the course of good far or near for the success of many and not just for themselves.

The unity of Faith and Mankind to God is the responsibility mankind to know and to order it. 

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