Sacrifices and Types of Sacrifices of Faith

Life is sacrificial and the effectiveness of a sacrifice is dependent upon the knowledge; motive and channels of making such sacrifices for natural or supernatural intervention.  You may be aware that in as much as you have natural powers or means to accomplish a thing; you also need supernatural support and which you should know how to order it through sacrifices. Sacrifices are a great bargain purposely to achieve a specific goal or as a commandment of God in order for the giver to create or establish an achievement.  Spiritual sacrifices done in faith and love (because faith works by love) have the potential to change battles in favour of a person or group and even a nation.

Three (3) Types of Sacrifices
1.       Prayer/Fasting: This involves a personal investment of time and energy in praying to God by a person or group of persons over a matter in order to receive divine intervention in all ways possible. The best way to offer your scarifies of prayer and fasting is by using the Time Redemption prayer which encompasses all forms of prayers including intercessory, supplication, judgmental or warfare. Therefore, you may wish to invest in yourself or in others sacrificially in order to keep up with The Time Redemption continuously.    
2.       Substantial Faith Investment: This is the investment or offering of anything which is of worth by faith to God through a man or groups who are worshipers of God in order to achieve a purpose known or known to the receiver. That is why the scripture says that ‘faith is a substance (being invested) in expectation of a purpose or hope’. Those in faith and through which this faith-in-love sacrifices are made to are called ‘the poor’ in the spirit and not just those living in poverty. 
3.       Lawful Commitments: In order to achieve a matter, people make lawful commitments or investment as required by the law; certain people, systems or cultures in order to fulfill a matter.

Our concentration will be on the first two since most people do well to make lawful commitments but fail to add or use substantial sacrifices in faith and love.  No matter how big your lawful commitment over a matter may look like, you must not ignore/neglect sacrificial investment in faith which is the foundation to help lawful/natural commitments work better or in your favour.

Example of Great Sacrificial Investment of Faith:
Though, the Bible is full of examples of sacrificial investment of faith for a great change, the following are a few lists to establish this understanding:
1.       Abraham offered his only son (Isaac) and he received the blessing to live and to prosper as a father of faith;
2.       Noah offered all ‘clean’ animals and He was blessed and begun to be established in his blessing.
3.       Solomon offer over 1000 cattle and uncountable sheep in one night  on a higher altar and received the Blessing with uncommon wisdom and prosperity.
4.       Jesus commanded us to offer all things (sell all things) and invest it (give) to The Poor (in spirit ) as giving unto God or to order/receive divine intervention 
5.       The widow of Zeraphat shared her only meal with Elijah and she lived and prospered in famine of over three years without a single rain.
6.       The woman of Samaria built Elisha a house in her house, she did not only prospered but received conception miraculously; gave birth and when the child died, she had he restored to life through the prophet; 
7.        Abel offered a better sacrifice to please God;
In conclusion therefore, always make the three levels of sacrifices as much as possible, perceived or instructed in order for you to achieve or establish all your godly purpose. Substantial faith investment should be to the benefit of a person or group and/or for the purpose of promoting the Gospel especially through those who are in union of faith with you. That is why the scripture says “as we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.     Ga:6:10: So, keep ordering your prosperity and you shall be established in Jesus Name; Amen.

The World is ending by fire and destruction; Scientist call the increasing heatwaves Global Warming but Faith calls it the fire of hell of the end time. The only way to survive is by using the Time Redemption Prayer against all types of evil of mankind and revolt of the universe for the movement or translation (Rapture) into the New World.

See how to Use the Time Redemption Prayer   

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