The End Time in Unity of the Faith and Mankind for the New World

With all things being fulfilled including the set time, the world has begun a great change in human and universal transformation which many people may regard as ‘end time’, ‘great tribulation’, ‘rapture’, ‘the New World’ etc.

One of such most important revelation is the Unity of Faith and Mankind to God through the Time Redemption Prayer and which doubles as the Invisible Ark of God; it is the only way and solution of God for you and for all good people to remain prosperous and secured against the leadership failure and evil of mankind; one of the result of which is scientifically known as Global Warming/Heat, the spiritual fire rocking the entire universe paving way for all kinds of devastating effects on life.       

Consequently, there is going to be a New World for human and universal transformation and for the destruction of evil; It is just the same way a New World started with Noah and Seven (7) others (who believed to use the Physical Ark) no matter how foolish it looked then, so also, it is the New World will begin with only those who use THE INVISIBLE ARK OF GOD IN UNITY OF FAITH BY REDEEMING THE TIMES IN PRAYERS; a simple independent and interfaith prayer responsibility of man and all those who believe in the Supremacy of God.  

Terrible things are already happening and the time is set; there is a qualification to be attained through your daily obedience in watching/praying as being revealed; it is an understatement to say that and all those who are not using the Invisible Ark by the Time Redemption Prayer are in great danger of death and destruction irrespective of where they live, belief, education or life endeavour.    

How to Use the Time Redemption Prayer in Unity of Faith and Mankind to God

How the New World will Begin From Nigeria 

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