Can a New World Be Possible?

The New World is not another planet but this same earth and universe. Mankind is in great danger of destruction and extinction; although because their own evil and the only way out is the New World through which they should possess and live therein. You may know that if this world does not end and a one begins, the lot of mankind and the universe will continue to suffer because mankind has derailed from God’s original purpose of leadership dominion and launched the world into great evil which has filled the world. The New World is the change that is the most important need for all and has become compulsory. If not with an open mind, you will not accept any of what is said here. The fact is that there is nothing that may not expire or end; be it knowledge or understanding. And talking about the end of the world, you may know that a world existed and ended before this world began. And so this one should end some day and while another world should begin immediately from the end because there is no vacuum in God or in life. You may not like to hear this, but you may be aware that all the symptoms or signs against which the other world ended can now be seen in this world in excess. So it may end sooner than later as you may note from this revelation. Now lets us examine the similarities with little or no difference of the last end and this one for a new beginning:

1.      Evil or destruction fills the earth through the activities and failure of mankind to secure themselves with God as they work ‘animalistically’ against themselves and against the universe.  

2.      Hard times: economic inefficiency, famine, natural disasters of great magnitude and maybe a small time of prosperity for a few.

3.      A revelation of a means of translation from the old world into the new. Then it was a physically Ark made by Noah, now it is an Invisible Ark in Time that demands your responsibility of prayer and service known as the Time Redemption Prayer to God;

4.      A time frame for an end or preparation and existence into the new. For e.g, then God gave the people of Noah one hundred and twenty years and yet it was shortened. Now we have discovered that God has given mankind thirteen years which is completely enough to get prepared and move out and it may be shortened according to the word of God.

5.      A less popular man may champion the cause just the same way Noah was less popular (being an albino) and was regarded as foolish with his Ark. Now we have me…very much less popular and whom many may despise. You should know that when Jesus Christ said ‘Just as the time of Noah, the end time will come through a certain time frame and the son of man shall suffer and shall be rejected of his generation’, He was not talking of Himself (coming to suffer again- God forbid!) but the man (me) who should announce the dissolution of the world and the making of the New in the order being revealed.

6.      Many people good or bad shall not believe or even support the mission and may continue to doubt or disobeyed the instruction(s) just as it was then; (they continued to marry and built houses) until they could not make it. But truly, it may become late for them to qualify since it was so also that God shut (locked up) up the Ark after certain time and even those who sought to enter could not.

7.      The last world ended with a great flood and this one shall end with fire according to the word of God. For example evil filled the earth and before the main rain started, God told Noah and they (he and his family) made their way into the Ark and it was shut. Many people thought it was normal. Today with the wonton evil on ground, the fire of the end time has started and raging, scientist calls it global warming and apportioned some natural causes to it. So many people think it is normal. But God in His infinite wisdom and mercy has revealed a way out (the Invisible Ark) for mankind especially all those like you who will believe and obey the instruction being given.               

The Times Then and Now

Please don’t be like some of the good people that don’t understand the time and the times to know or do what they should do at the right time or even against their former beliefs or understanding. For example;
1.      They did not understand the time for family success like Noah who made sure his immediate family understood and obeyed the instruction of the Ark for their own survival;
2.      They did not know the time to give up all they had in order to help themselves prepare for the change until they lost all including their lives.
3.      Not only did they not believe Noah but they worked against and refused to support the making of the ark.   
But be happy and just as Noah and seven others survived from the last one into this one, there shall also be survivals from the end of this world into the next. By this revelation, it is those survivours that we are looking for and you can be one of them or one of us. So there is a great hope of a better life and you should key into it; this is what this is all about- it is for your good and prosperity. God is looking for those He should save from this fallen world if they obey His escape and safety instruction (the Invisible Ark). Be one of us, you and your family. The rest of this work is the examination and justification or explanation of my claims accurately by the word of God; what is expected of us all to make the grace of God which is being revealed effective in our lives.

Understanding the Invisible Ark

Then the ark was psychical but the concept looked foolish; today the Ark is invisible and looks more foolish to human understanding and many religious doctrinaires. As mentioned earlier, the Invisible Ark is the simple instruction and revelation of God accurately through the Scripture for you and anyone who believe to pray and watch by the redemption time daily in unity of faith and mankind. The Redemption Time is 11pm-1am (night) and 12noon (day) every day which you should be alive/awake in prayers and study of the word and by which you should plead the Blood upon yourself and over all things by the top of the hours. And it should take you about nine months or three hundred and seventy three (273) days only to be fully qualified for your translation with power over death into the New World. The diagrammatic ideology of the Invisible Ark is presented below:       

A carefully study of the diagram above will show to you that there is an upper circle by the redemption time/hours (11-12am/pm-1) with the following explanations:
1.      Those in the upper circle in any city or country are those using the invisible Ark through the time redemption prayers irrespective of their location, profession or social status;
2.      The lower circle represents those living against the principle of the Invisible Ark by not using the Time Redemption prayers;
3.      The both circles are a typical representation of a country or time zone in one hand and the entire world in another hand with those using the instruction or not.  
4.      Those using the Invisible Ark; the time redemption prayers are united in the spirit from one city or country to another.
5.      Only those using the Invisible Ark will survive the current evil of the world; the great tribulation and will make the New World.

As you read, I pray you understanding better than I have explained by the grace of God. 

The Invisible Ark; the only way up and out is the most revered but simple instruction of the Time Redemption Prayer. See How to Use the Time Redemption Prayer  

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