Ijigban Daniel Oketa to save the World for Human and Universal Transformation

The whole world is in trouble and looking for solution because the lot of mankind and the universe itself are being destroyed. And since there is solution to every problem to found in a man or in God through a man or group of men, according to Mr. Oketa, there is already a great transformation of the world happening silently. This great transformation is the New World and the only key of survival is the Invisible Ark of God. 

Who can stop God’s bid to save mankind? No body and nothing can. This is God’s mercy and compassionate love to save mankind. God is not willing for anyone to die or perish and that is why He is revealing the solution in greater accuracy so that all who obey can escape the current global crises which have multiplied greatly against mankind and the entire creature. Beloved, If you don’t need to be saved now, then what does God mean of the end time as it is written:

“…the one who endures to the end will be saved Matthew 24:13, ????

And if we don’t need to be redeemed anymore now, then why did He say:

and when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption is drawing near Luke 21:28?

This is why you need to connect and remain with this urgently without any further delay irrespective of your church orientation or religious believe to be saved.  And nothing can stop God’s mission to save mankind who believe and creatures from this fallen world; nothing can stop us in God’s business.

Death Points to all

Right as it were in the old, and as the matter of the end time, death is pointing accusing finger on all mankind because it was them that lost the dominion against death and evil and through mankind, the world is occupied with evil and destruction. And whosoever dies at this time by not being able to hold on to the very end has lost the bid to participate in the end time glory and opportunity to be translated. This is why every man who wants to be saved should relent from pursing vain glory but only to eat- live peaceful in the prayer and service by the time redemption. Note that the qualification to see the new world (new heaven and new earth) is not death but life now and until the very end which has begun.

The Ministry of Anti-Christ

The word ‘anti’ means to work against. I.e, a rebellion against a mission or a thing. Therefore, those that would receive the spirit of the antichrist are all those who reject the second coming of the Son of man to save mankind. These are the group of people or persons who have become so used to this world that they will seek to stop the mission to save mankind and creatures from this fallen world. Therefore watch and see that this group of people may largely be those who already have believed just as it was that Satan was once a believer but chose rejection and rebellion. This is being explained to you in clarity so that because you listen, you can be sure of where to stand and to stand well-enough. 

The Invisible Ark; the only way up and out is the most revered but simple instruction of the Time Redemption Prayer. See How to Use the Time Redemption Prayer  

Being celebrated worldwide professor of the Time and Times, IJIGBAN DANIEL OKETA is the servant and messenger of God in unity of the Faith and mankind in the New World Order for human and universal transformation. He is the minister of the Everlasting Covenant of God and a preacher of gospel of Christ. He is the High Priest and Bishop of the Universal Time Church of God; the church that is not built by hands or by human effort; the church that can be found in every land; in every city and in every nation. He is the president and convener of ARISE NIGERIA MISSION and leader of the New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation and for the unity of mankind through the Universal System of Leadership. He is leader of the unity of the faith and the discoverer of the Invisible Ark of God; in the order of the Time Redemption Prayer. He is a Nigerian by birth and from Nigeria. He has authored over a hundred titles including the followings:

1.       The Water Medicine

2.       The Spirituality and Religiosity of the Times and the Time in God; Secret of Effective Prayers
3.       The Invisible Ark of God in Time: the Secret of the Old and the New World
4.       Nothing More than the New World
5.       Power Over Death: the Predictions and the Reality
6.       Taking Total Control
7.       God’s Solution to You Nigeria and the World
8.       Understanding the Times in God; Structural Solution to Life.
9.       Is Anything New n God?
10.   The Universal System of Leadership
11.   Ordering Divine Justice and Judgment Daily in Your Favour; the Supreme Court of God

Contacting Ijigban Daniel Oketa is simple on +234 7037384814

The Invisible Ark; the only way up and out is the most revered but simple instruction of the Time Redemption Prayer. See How to Use the Time Redemption Prayer  

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