Old Secret of Prosperity: Provide for Yourself Adequately

If you have heard that there was a time when government provided all that a person needs; a time whereby all people were equal and the law served all people fairly then it is a lie. You have been told a lie and you need some reorientation which is why you are getting this now.
The bible says only those who have (something to give) should more things be given unto or they are the ones who should receive more.

Therefore, it is when you have something to give that the law recognizes you and makes you a friend in deed. That is not like a bride or to corrupt a system through dishonesty but it is such that you need to give yourself a job; a business; knowledge and provide all you can for yourself/family as much you need or as much as you can before those (the job, knowledge, security etc) of others or a government may be added unto you. For example, you need to know how to and even lock your door at the appropriate time and not wait for security agencies of a government to do that for you even if they are to be found around you or in the city.

Pray like Never
If you will not provide for yourself or family (those listening to you) adequately and I mean by giving up all you have for such purpose, don’t expect anyone who may individually or through a government authority provide for you.
The time has become so hard indicating the end-time (like it or not) and we all need to be individually strong as part of a great family. So learn how to and pray for yourself and your family or no one will do it better for you; the best way revealed by God is the Time Redemption Prayer.
It is written that you should PRAY AND WATCH (Redeeming the Times) to be found worthy of escape when things are happening (Luke 21:36). And we shall escape; we are escaping.

The Lord bless the works of our hands; the Lord grant us more wisdom and direct all our steps in Jesus Name.

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