Religious Unity and Spirituality with the Universal System of Leadership

The fact is that this leadership system is the best religion of mankind in the mist of all other religions. This does not mean that other religious in good faith are bad but this is the foundation through which other religious beliefs and practice can become better and through higher knowledge and understanding of the Supreme Being or God and also with better knowledge of universal elements.

And in earnest, the time in question can be proven as correct and effective from all religious doctrinaires for peace and unity of mankind including Christianity, Islam, Buha’i etc. In Christianity for example, the time is extraordinary proven from the Bible, the Scripture as the leadership time of God and for man and also particularly for believers to use same in the Time Redemption Prayer and worship to God in the unity of the faith and mankind.

It means that by the time everyone can connect to God and with each other without necessarily having to go to worship places or church buildings. Many people have clamored for and proscribed the unity of mankind to God but this (the Universal Leadership System) is the true definition and application of it worldwide.

Building Universal Peace with Love
One of the great advantages of using the Universal System of leadership is the attainment of inner peace with the universe and with mankind. It is a collective approach of seeking peaceful co-existence with others through a mutual principle of demonstration of love. Using the Universal System of Leadership is a great expressing of love and service to all and sundry; to your nation and to the world at large. It is the expression of unconditional love to God and man. Remember that by the time you are giving or investing  your life  (time and energy and even resources) daily to order the universe; it is for your own benefit and for the benefit of everyone whether they know you or not. It is equivalent to loving your neigbours as yourself and doing to others what you want them to do for you. It is national service of love and peace because you are standing in unity with other people to adjudicate judgment and justice in the spiritual and it shall be manifested in due course. A day’s effective use of the Universal System of Leadership religiously and spiritually in prayers by all those who believe in God will deliver so much divine intervention including great manifestation of wisdom to a people and a land or nation.

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