The World Has Thirteen Years More

The end of the world does not mean end of life but signifying a New Beginning (New World); such that all those who will possess it (the New World) will only be those who survive the end of the world or its evil and tribulations and certainly it is within the next thirteen (13) years as revealed by God.
In recent times, the happenings both with mankind and the universe did not favour life in abundance as it should be as many hopes are dashed miserably. But what can really rekindle hope to mankind and the world again? The fact is that even scientists are no longer disputing an end of the world being in sight. The international Forbes magazine through one its contributors Eric Mack wrote and quoted in part:

“The End of the World Is Coming… I get that things seem a little apocalyptic right now with the catastrophic storms, floods, earthquakes and wildfires of recent weeks… On the cosmic time scale, the end of times for Earth is a reality that has already been set in motion: eventually our sun will expand to become a supergiant and either boil, burn or engulf all life on our planet. Humans are currently setup to be the species most likely to be able to adapt to these changes, although an ecological collapse could certainly lead to famine, food and water shortages, violent conflicts and plenty of other human suffering and nastiness.”

From the University of Cambridge, United kingdom, a scientist cosmologist– Stephen Hawking and his group after a long research and experiment came up to say in May 2017 that the entire world is being set on great fire and no man can survive on planet earth after the next hundred (100) years. This was a ninety percent reduction from his earlier position of saying the earth may not exist more than one thousand years. They opined that the only solution is that mankind should begin to look for another option or planet to move into. But how possible/successful will that be even if any another habitable planet is found like earth? To him, it could be through an airbus but obviously such solution is not feasible. And these and many others with recent but more frequent devastations of nature, creatures and mankind has set many really thinking and rethinking of the end and how it should be.
This is an attempt to place side by side the predictions of the past, present and future about the existence of mankind, creature and the whole universe. It is also meant as a guide for more researches and what must be done in the event of the ongoing claims. This list begun from the time (about 66years) –after the departure of Jesus Christ up to the most recent in 2017 of which the universal change for the New World is set at thirteen (13)Years through me (IJIGBAN DANIEL OKETA)

The end of the world does not mean end of life but signifying a New Beginning (New World). But many people will die from all types of natural disasters all over the world and the death roll shall increase with all those who are not using the special grace of God, the Invisible Ark.

The Invisible Ark; the only way up and out is the most revered but simple instruction of the Time Redemption Prayer and Worship to God in unity of faith and mankind; for evil to be destroyed and for peace of humans. See How to Use the Time Redemption Prayer  

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