Religious Unity of Faith for Peace and Development with Personal Spiritual Growth and Authority

This is in line with the New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation in Unity of Faith and Mankind to God by the Time Redemption Prayer, as an interreligious and interfaith system of independent prayer for peace and development, rule of law, justice and equity, security, and good governance etc.
So we are educating people with this selfless- national and most patriotic service of prayer daily using the principle of the Time Redemption that can be accurately proven from many religious doctrinaires including the Bible and the Quran. Individuals, organizations, institutions and government are expected to key into this project through our various means of campaign.

All problems arising from religious crises, disunity, bigotry and rascality purportedly by or against peace loving people irrespective of religious inclination will be solved. It provides a platform or system to manage sinister situations at the foundation for peace, unity and development. That is to say, The Time Redemption prayer is a system of  

1.     Interfaith and Religious Unity of minds and purpose
2.     Personal Spiritual Authority;
3.     Personal and Universal Security;
4.     Destruction of Evil Plans;
5.     Daily Exercise of Universal Leadership and Dominion.
6.     Higher National and Patriotic Service

The problem of converging in one or specific place or location for prayer is solved since the Time Redemption Prayer can be held individually or independently but collectively at the same time by all people loving people from different locations (houses, offices, on transits etc) that is, trans-cultural, interreligious and inter-faith-wise. It is a non-offensive strategy without condemnation of people but seeking unity and peace systematically. It is very powerful and personally rewarding.



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