The Solution to Nigeria Discovered

There are three major reasons with which Nigeria should lead the world between 2025-2030. One is the innovative discovery of the Universal System of Leadership for human capital and global transformation in peace and unity of faith and mankind.

 Secondly, Nigeria is the only nation balanced religiously to peacefully unite the Abrahamic faith through which the unity of the world rest upon for the destruction of evil plans and powers. 

Thirdly, Nigeria shall use the solution first and serve it to the entire world.

“There is no problem without a solution except if the solution is not found or is rejected” Therefore, congratulations we have found the solution; I hope you listen and do not reject it purposely or in ignorance. 

The unhidden secret truth is that Nigeria just as the world-over has been openly overtaken by evil and good people; I repeat good people are suffering and at the mercy of evil and destruction. This should not be so. This is happening because mankind (on a global scale) has failed her universal leadership role in search of bread or personal privileges but certainly by great ignorance.

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