The Advanced Interfaith and Interreligious Unity for Spiritual Network and Power of God

Nigeria is the most balanced nation of the Abrahamic faith (Islam and Christianity) to lead the most powerful interreligious/interfaith spiritual unity that would bring order not just to Nigeria but to the world at large.
First of all, may I bring to your notice that Prophet Mohammed is one of the greatest messengers of God that would ever live. He was sent by God to serve and to show people the right way against worshiping idols and then to unite the world. See the Scriptures.

And to be fair to many scholars of the Islamic faith, who have been misinterpreting the Quran wrongly or for selfish gains, those being referred to unbelievers by the Prophet were not Christians at all (who were highly recommended in the Koran) but those who worship idols at that time, even in Medina. Let this be clear and so it is also with the wrong and selfish interpreters of the Bible.

The Most Powerful Interreligious/Interfaith Unity System

We are leading the most powerful Interreligious/Interfaith Unity System for Peaceful Co-existence, Sustainable Development; Human and Universal Transformation

The world, even Nigeria is facing a very tough and turbulent times occasioning human degeneration, corruption; wickedness and evil penetration; whereby at the same time systems are failing and many people and solutions are becoming highly frustrated, inefficient and ineffective. What is urgently in need right now is a record breaking divine intervention that can help mankind or peace loving people like you to:

-          Expose and Overcome evil;
-          Escape and Prevent Natural Disasters;
-          Live Peacefully in unity;  
-          Achieve Higher Progress individually or collectively and
-          Attain Sustainable Development.   

Therefore it is true that with the way things are happening and considering how much people are frustrated coupled with the high rate at which evil is being perpetrated unabated, what is urgently needed is a great mighty divine intervention to help mankind to make and unmake; to build and to destroy appropriately and to unleash the power for human and universal transformation.

Urgent Needt to Fund Interfaith and Inter-religious Programs in Nigeria and Around the World

The world is in dare need of interfaith and interreligious unity of peace loving people to God in order to activate and establish record breaking divine intervention for human and universal transformation. 

The good news is that we have discovered such medium/system (as revealed by God Almighty) for such unity of faith  and massive divine intervention called the Time Redemption Prayer in any country and the world at large.  

What Can We All Do Together Spiritually in Peace?

If we still believe in God (by any name) for divine intervention against evil and for wisdom for all things, then we can find a common group to pray together in unity of mind and purpose.

The foremost unity is not only an urgent need but is the solution to human and universal problems and for interreligious and interfaith peace and unity.

This unity rests squarely on Islam and Christianity the two legs of the Abrahamic Faith to bring in all others.

The common ground has been found and it is called the Time Redemption Prayer in Unity of Faith and Mankind to God. Represented in a triangular form; the Time Redemption Prayer in unity of Faith to God is the intersection or common ground with God that can ordered and principally enjoyed  by Islam and Christianity on each side united to God. They are the two major beliefs in the world and majorly in Nigeria. 

Religious Grace or Disgrace; How Spiritual is Your Religiosity?

Honestly, it is a great privilege to be born or to exist right now. A time when the world is looking for game changers; universal solutions and problem solvers who should attain to and sustain greatness and move into the next phase of human and universal transformation, which some people call the New World. 

I believe the following statement is very true irrespective of who said it. But it was attributed to President Muhammad Buhari that: “In my opinion, I believe religion is not the problem of the people, people are the problem of religion”.

So do you have Religious Grace or Disgrace; How Spiritual is Your Religiosity?. Can you do without religious or spiritual solution?

It is true that you are not just called to be a follower of God or men but to be co-leaders of the universe with God Almighty. This means universal dominion/leadership and replenishing the earth is God’s first and last plan for you and me as mankind. And it is our responsibility to learn and take such responsibilities as much as required.

Nigeria’s Favoured Position in Diversity for Interreligious and Interfaith Unity

In Nigeria and invariably around the world, building interreligious peace and unity must begin with Muslims and Christians or Islam and Christianity who worship the same God unknowingly. It is the Abrahamic faith that will unite the world and mankind for good.

As a human being, you can’t really run away from spiritual or religious solutions even if you think so. And the best you can do is to find the best.

And right now all over the world, Nigeria is the most balanced country of the Abrahamic Faith to find the intersection point for the reason of interfaith and interreligious peace and unity through which all kinds of development and divine intervention rest upon.

So many people and organizations have been clamoring for this peace/unity but the truth is that since good intention is not enough except what needs to be done is known or done at the right time and therefore, a system of independent and interdependent unity and prayer has been found for the needed massive divine intervention.  Consequently, our system (the Time Redemption Prayer) answers the biggest question of the times that:

How Nigeria is Most Favourably Positioned for Inter-Religious Unity, Peace and Divine Intervention

Nigeria is the most balanced country for Inter-Religious and Interfaith unity with the Abrahamic faith (Islam and Christianity) for peace and national development; for the unity of mankind and the world and also to speedily win the fight against evil. And it is worthy of note that the world is waiting for the Unity of the Abrahamic faith to order all kinds of divine intervention and to take mankind into the next phase of human and universal transformation.

All over the world, disunity and evil prevails; money, systems and governments are failing; there is great human degeneration in values, morality and character; more and more people are being killed daily including good people of all faith. This is happening and it is the reality. Will you fold your hands and say ‘all is well or it shall be well’ rather than look for the solution? I hope not.

The Socio-Economic, Religious and Political Revolution of Nigeria and the World (1) by Ijigban Daniel Oketa

These things may already be known to you. But maybe you should hear them again and again. You should keep your praise to yourself as well as your rebuff (afterwards).
There is great hopelessness and many ineffective solutions in the in world, Nigeria inclusive. And revolution that would begin in Nigeria will swipe through the world in this 21st Century.

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