The President of Nigeria 2019 and those Who Should be Leaders

The President of Nigeria 2019 and those Who Should be Leaders should use and deploy this system as a matter of urgency. Failure of which will mean a lot of wrongs perpetrated or allowed. 

This system will become a National law but should be piloted and supported by all and sundry as a national service.  For example, it is not a national law to pray or eat or exercise at certain times but governments, organizations and group’s etc support, encourage and help people to do so.
Do you have good intentions? Good intention; love, passion or determination is NOT ENOUGH unless what should be done is done at the time knowingly or unknowingly PER TIME. You may agree with me that enduring success is system based at all times or per time.

The Unity of the Faith and Mankind in the New World Order

Those who are backward withstand change and when it lingers, it becomes wickedness on their part.

The word of God says a time will come like this for global unity in (John 17:20-23, Ephesians 1:9-10 4:11-13).Apostle Paul Peter and many others laid down their lives for it also.

Prophet Muhammad spoke about it in good faith......Many Christians speak about it; they want it now. 

In 1988, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev spoke at the United Nations of a need to search for "universal human consensus" because humans will progress into a "new world order."

The Human Capital and National Transformation System of the New World Order

This ia a part of the New World system for human and universal transformation in unity, peace from one nation to another.

 It is human capital development that determines enduring national development.
And so without a system of human capital development, national development is short-lived and endowment of natural resources is wasted or never utilized.  

That is why what people including peace loving Nigerians need now is a strategic system of human capital development that can be used to order and re-order national development and utilization of resources and opportunities.  Consequently,  and very importantly, this system can used for:

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