Welcome to Arise Nigeria Global Mission in Unity of the Faith and Mankind

ARISE NIGERIA GLOBAL MISSION is the divine mission of God for Unity of the Faith and Mankind and for global Transformation beginning from our dear country NIGERIA in fulfillment of God’s word.

In Unity of the Faith and Mankind, we are using the TIME REDEMPTION PRAYER as revealed by God through the scripture between 11PM-1AM (NIGHT) AND 12NOON DAILY. It is the only unity by believers that can better activate the power of God for all kind of desired miracles and for the destruction of evil in any life, land, country or time zone. And we have been using it to achieve a lot including a national disaster FREE Crossover/New Year 2019. It is the very first time of its kind in Nigeria to be remembered.

Unity of the Faith and Mankind; The Revealed Power of God

Today, many Christians, Muslims, Bahi’s etc and peace loving people around the world or religious beliefs and those who believe in the supremacy of God Almighty are expecting the unity of the faith and mankind to God. This unity is for peace, human and global transformation and for the destruction of evil powers as spoken by the many true prophets and sons of God.

The good news is that the unity of the faith is revealed and should be activated or enforced by us- you and I and all peace loving people irrespective of location, church denomination or religious inclination.

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