Where Does Globalization Go From Here?

Humans can now connect with each other within seconds all over world the through the internet and information communication technology gadgets; they buy and sell, transfer cash within seconds globally also via the same medium; they can now travel with some of the greatest speed in history to meet each other physically and even to the space, moon, etc; in the same way they have formed international and regional intergovernmental organizations through which major global binding decisions are reached or enforced.  The question that some people are asking and which everyone should be keen to answer or provide answers to is ‘Where Does Globalization Go From Here?; But we have the answer:

How to Completely Stop Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters in United States of America (USA) and Other Countries of the World

The truth is that there is nothing without solution except if the solution is not discovered or rejected.  Consequently, this solution is a great paradigm shift from the general understanding of how global warming, earthquakes and other natural disasters should be tackled successful or stopped for the next fifty (50) years.

All over the world, natural disasters have killed and/or destroyed uncountable lives and as well destroyed many economies; billions of properties, facilities and businesses or investment.  For example and according to the Relief Web International (reliefweb.int), “the four costliest natural disasters in 2016 were a flood in China (US$ 22 billion), the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan (US$ 20 billion), a flood and Hurricane Matthew in the USA (US$ 10 billion, each). Thirty-two other disasters resulted in damages between US$ 1 and 5 billion, for a total of US$ 69.1 billion. Together, these disasters had a total cost of US$ 131.1 billion, a share of 85.1% of all reported damages in 2016”.

The Glorification of Nigeria by God

In and outside the shores of Nigeria, many people are saying or probably have a clue that God is doing or will do a great new thing in Nigeria but they may not know how to get connect or how it should be.
I want to happily show you how it is happening and how you can connect and be connected to the great move of God in the world arising from the once ridiculed Nigeria. 
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Remember you are so important in this mission since God will always do things through His people for their sakes or for the sake of the world.
Bless a fellow or group with this by sharing, forwarding or copy and paste.
God has blessed us and Nigeria.
God has really blessed us and Nigeria.

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