My Dream Now a Reality with Nigeria

We will reach a time in Africa when people will value more of the knowledge and creative wealth than just silver and gold;
A time when one man’s understanding or idea will not be looked upon because he is coloured or not but because an intellectual property is a national honour;
A time when honours are given not based on certificates but creative ideas and solutions to problems;  
A time when the press will not publish NEWS because they are paid for or published ills of the society just to draw attention but to publish ideas of people as a national service;   
A time when the entire world will look up to Africa and say, ‘teach us, we want to learn from you’;
A time when good people will really live again in union with each other and in peace irrespective of tribe and ethnicity;
And the time is now that Nigeria is glorified with the wisdom of God in the New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation
Receive the gift (CLICK HERE); someone already paid for it, I paid.

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