Why the World is Under Intense Destruction and the Only Solution Thereof

The entire world and inhabitants are under destruction and the only solution is the emergence of a New World and hence this exposition being the revelation of God Almighty for a New World Order and for Human and Universal Transformation. Therefore note followings:

1.     Just as was in the times of Noah with the emergence of a New World (this present world which is getting old and fading away), so also a New World is emerging within and around us for good. Genesis 8:1-22, 9:1-5, 2Peter 3:13,14

2.     It is not because God is wicked (He forbids wickedness) but it is a bid to save mankind from the destruction they have cause this present world and to give them a New start especially those who believe (to obey His safety/Instruction) just as Noah and a few others. Genesis 6:11-22
3.     The fire that is destroying this world is puzzle popularly known today as   Global Warming; I.e the heat waves  causing all kinds of destructive effects on the universe; and this world may not survive the next 13years from now; 2Peter 3:10-12, Mathew 24:21-22    

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