How Nigeria is leading the Unity of Faith and Mankind

Worldwide, many people and religious or faith based groups and organizations know that Nigeria will lead the world. Many Christians, Muslims, the Baha'i's etc and even free thinkers have come to this great understanding but they do not know how it should begin or be achieved and yet some of them are trying to enforce it the wrong way; by their own way. But by the grace of God, the way up and out for Nigeria to lead the world into the next phase of human and universal transformation has been duly revealed by God Almighty.

It is Nigeria's TIME
At some points in history, it was Egypt, Babylon/Persia (Iraq/Iran), Israel, Saudi Arabia, USA, Britain, Germany etc that led the world in one form of development splendor or another. Today the world is in deep mess; even these countries are finding it very difficult to help themselves out of the global menace not to mention helping others. It is not that they are not willing but truly they do not have the solution else they world have used it for themselves and their country. They need our help now by what you will discover now.  The summary is that Nigeria is becoming the leading nation of the world to further human and universal transformation. It will not start with structural development but a humanistic approach for:

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