How to Join the Unity of Faith and Mankind to God from Your Room.

The solution to all forms of global menaces; for human and universal transformation; for the destruction of evil; for peace and unity is the Universal Unity of Faith and Mankind to God using the Time Redemption Prayer.

The Time Redemption Prayer is an independent and interfaith prayer and worship to God by all those who believe in the supremacy of God for the needed divine intervention. It is proven as the most accurate divine revelation and commandant of God through many doctrinaire including the Bible, Quoran etc for peace, unity and progress.

The effective use of the Time Redemption Prayer just for a night/day by peace loving people in any land/country will lead to great and mighty divine intervention with generational influence. And though mildly, the Time Redemption Prayers was published and used in Nigeria to order a disaster/death-free CROSSOVER/NEWYEAR 2019 celebration for the very first time to be remembered in Nigeria since 1960. The followings are some advantages of using the Time Redemption Prayer in Unity of Faith and mankind to God: 

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