Religious Unity and Spirituality with the Universal System of Leadership

The fact is that this leadership system is the best religion of mankind in the mist of all other religions. This does not mean that other religious in good faith are bad but this is the foundation through which other religious beliefs and practice can become better and through higher knowledge and understanding of the Supreme Being or God and also with better knowledge of universal elements.

And in earnest, the time in question can be proven as correct and effective from all religious doctrinaires for peace and unity of mankind including Christianity, Islam, Buha’i etc. In Christianity for example, the time is extraordinary proven from the Bible, the Scripture as the leadership time of God and for man and also particularly for believers to use same in the Time Redemption Prayer and worship to God in the unity of the faith and mankind.

Old Secret of Prosperity: Provide for Yourself Adequately

If you have heard that there was a time when government provided all that a person needs; a time whereby all people were equal and the law served all people fairly then it is a lie. You have been told a lie and you need some reorientation which is why you are getting this now.
The bible says only those who have (something to give) should more things be given unto or they are the ones who should receive more.

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