Regaining the Dominion in Unity of the Faith and Mankind to God in the New World Order For Human and Universal Transformation

Christians are talking and quoting prayers more than things are happening for good. And quite unfortunate is that the suffering and powerlessness of mankind especially those who profess God has progressed over the years. But it shouldn’t be so since that is not the plan of God you or for us together. The most critical thing right now is that the dominion which they received in Christ has been lost as far the people of God are not using the dominion time in prayers. Therefore this is a great change coming for the greater good of mankind and the world through which strongholds shall be destroyed and it’s already happening. It is by the way revealed- the Invisible Ark in time that the dominion can be received and enforced by those who believe for the end time greatness. God is good and we are highly privileged to be here because it is through us that the change shall be administered.

Ijigban Daniel Oketa to save the World for Human and Universal Transformation

The whole world is in trouble and looking for solution because the lot of mankind and the universe itself are being destroyed. And since there is solution to every problem to found in a man or in God through a man or group of men, according to Mr. Oketa, there is already a great transformation of the world happening silently. This great transformation is the New World and the only key of survival is the Invisible Ark of God. 

How to succeed better & escape the great tribulation into the new world

The great tribulation has already begun. The scripture did not say ‘try to  or pray to stop it’ but that you should watch/pray escape it.
·         No doubt, this is the most dangerous times in human history and therefore the end of the age.
·         And even though the end of a thing is better than the beginning, the greater success of the end depends on the application of the end time instruction; the invisible Ark.
·         This time marks the beginning of the global declassification of information by heaven completely opened to those who seek
·         You are signing up to become the generational world greatest leaders of the times.

Seeking Divine Intervention through God and Man

Since man should ask his fellow man; the man should give unto his fellow man as giving unto God because whatever you do for brethren in the Lord, you do unto God. And the process of asking or seeking divine intervention through God and man is rooted in the same principle of the time redemption as it is written below and touching the principle of prayer (our Lord Prayers).

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