Can a New World Be Possible?

The New World is not another planet but this same earth and universe. Mankind is in great danger of destruction and extinction; although because their own evil and the only way out is the New World through which they should possess and live therein. You may know that if this world does not end and a one begins, the lot of mankind and the universe will continue to suffer because mankind has derailed from God’s original purpose of leadership dominion and launched the world into great evil which has filled the world. The New World is the change that is the most important need for all and has become compulsory. If not with an open mind, you will not accept any of what is said here. The fact is that there is nothing that may not expire or end; be it knowledge or understanding. And talking about the end of the world, you may know that a world existed and ended before this world began. And so this one should end some day and while another world should begin immediately from the end because there is no vacuum in God or in life. You may not like to hear this, but you may be aware that all the symptoms or signs against which the other world ended can now be seen in this world in excess. So it may end sooner than later as you may note from this revelation. Now lets us examine the similarities with little or no difference of the last end and this one for a new beginning:

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