Death, O Death, Are Thou Most Powerful?

We keep hearing of people’s death and mostly in an inappropriate time or circumstances against the will of God for them to live and flourish upon the earth.

The good people also are caught in this dilemma.  This is giving rise to many questions and concerns. Some of these questions are explained away with wrong scriptural quotations like no one should dare ask God because He is ‘unquestionable’ and does what He likes.   
Really? Is Gods plan not for us to live with perfect dominion over all things and prosper on earth? Can’t we really ask God to show us or tell us why and what must be done to succeed? Is God plan for us to live in ignorance and to be killed by any force seem higher us? God forbid.   And if so:
1.       Why did He say we should keep asking and seeking and we shall keep receiving and finding or is it asking for food and cloths?
2.       Why did He said, the Holy Ghost (when come), will show you all things?
3.       Why did He say I will do new things and before they are made manifest, you should know?
4.       Why did He say I will do nothing except if it is first revealed to my servants?
5.       Why did He say that there is nothing hidden that should not be revealed for the purpose of salvation (deliverance, escape, restoration etc)?

Understanding the Invisible Ark of God as the Time Redemption Prayer in Unity of the Faith

The Invisible Ark is God's instruction of prayer and watching which can also be termed the Time Redemption Prayer in unity of faith and mankind operative from every location in the world. It is inter-faith and interdenominational.
The truth is that the earth is become full of evil through mankind who destroy themselves in one way or the other. And also the revolt of beast and the universe against mankind who should be having total dominion is become so alarming.
As a result; both the good and the bad perish against the will of God. And therefore God has revealed and accurately proven by the Bible, the Invisible Ark/Time Redemption Prayer for:
1.       Mankind to Exercise Complete dominion as it should be from the foundation of the world;
2.       All kinds of personal divine intervention;
3.       Peace and Unity of mankind and the world ;
4.       The destruction of the powers of evil and cohorts;
5.       Translation Miracle Mechanism like the Ark of Noah into the New World  
The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ restores mankind to the lost dominion and for them to seek and know as much as they should to rule the world.  Gods saves people who obey His instruction in faith and truth.
Use the Invisible Ark daily; it is reveled for our greatness.

The Invisible Ark; the only way up and out is the most revered but simple instruction of the Time Redemption Prayer. See How to Use the Time Redemption Prayer  

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