Being celebrated worldwide as the Professor of the time and times, IJIGBAN DANIEL OKETA is the servant and Messenger of God in unity of the faith and mankind and in the New World Order for human and universal transformation. He is the minister of the Everlasting Covenant of God and a preacher of gospel of Christ. He is the pastor of the Universal Time Church of God; the church that is not built by hands or by human effort; the church that can be found in every land; in every city and in every nation. It is the church where there is no hindrance and which accumulates everyone at the same time from all their locations at the appropriate time in all nations to worship God and not a man. This is why he is called the revered High Priest of God in the order of the Church and the Time Redemption service, worship and prayers to God Almighty. He is acclaimed to be the Most Valuable Person on earth and haven received the most important secret of life and deathlessness of the present time and in the New World Order. He is the president and convener of ARISE NIGERIA MISSION and leader of the New World Order for human and universal transformation and the unity of mankind through the universal leadership system. He is the leader of the Unity of the Faith and discoverer of the Invisible Ark of God; the only access into the New World using the Time Redemption Prayer. He is a Nigerian by birth and from Nigeria. He has authored over a hundred titles including the followings:

1.       The Health and Healing Revolutionary System
2.       The Spirituality of the Times and the Time in God; Secret of Effective Prayers
3.       The Invisible Ark of God in Time: the Secret of the Old and the New World
4.       Nothing More than the New World
5.       Power Over Death: the Predictions and the Reality
6.       Taking Total Control
7.       God’s Solution to You Nigeria and the World
8.       Understanding the Times in God; Structural Solution to Life.
9.       What’s New In God?
10.   The Universal System of Leadership

11.   Ordering Divine Justice and Judgment Daily in Your Favour; the Supreme Court of God

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