We have achieved the National Day of Divine Intervention (NDDI) and Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria. 

Through a nationwide publicity, many peace loving Nigerians (Christians/Muslims etc), gathered by the Redemption Time on the 31St December 2018 through which we achieved a nationwide disaster free and peaceful CROSSOVER/NEW YEAR DAY celebration for the very first time in the history of Nigeria.

Year in and out, people have been killed in many parts of the Nation and even right in the Church by terrorist or armds invaders. 
By this time 1-10 January 2018, hundreds have lost their lives in Nigeria. 

But not this New Year Day 2019 and Crossover 31December 2018.....it is because we used the right key of prayer and their plans were frustrated.

Evil never gets tired just as darkness remains without light. So we need to continue in Unity of the Faith and for massive divine intervention for judgment and justice against evil.

Now are are moving forward with the 40Days Time Redemption Prayer and Uniting Against Evil for a prosperous Nigeria and for a Successful General Elections, 2019.
14th January to 25th February 2019. 
Join us from where you are by the TIME 11pm-1am and/or on social media 

THE NDDI TEXT.............................

All is set for Nigeria and Nigerians to lead the world according to the revelation of God and which should begin officially on 1st January 2019. That day doubles as the National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria by which the global leadership of the world is hanged upon Nigeria and Nigerians.  

Consequently, the ARISE NIGERIA MISSION has become live; to educate Nigerians on the move of God and their responsibility and also to gather from all their locations individually but in unity of the Time Redemption Prayer on a certain day (the National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment Against Evil) such that night/day:

1.      Specifically and very importantly, all evil plans and their unrepentant sponsors in and outside of government or positions of authority shall be judged with the fire of God. Name them whether Boko Haram and co terrorist, ritual killers, herdsmen militia and everyone/groups killing innocent people    
2.      The good and peace loving people shall triumph and takeover.
3.      There shall be massive healing miracles in Nigeria with all those who seek God;
4.      Mad people shall be set free effortlessly and many hospitals shall be emptied without anyone attending to them but by the power of the Holy Ghost
5.      All types of cures; known or imagined shall be broken from the lives of those who serve God;
6.      There shall be great grace and power to the righteous. Nothing shall escape or hide from the Power of God on that day.

Everyone is implicated and so you are because:
1.      You need divine intervention in your life and family to move further;
2.      We need divine judgment and justice in Nigeria;
3.      you need peace of God in Nigeria to succeed as much as you should;
4.      You need to be among the generation of Nigerians that should lead the world
The efficacy of or the manifest power of God on day that depends on how obedient Nigerian key into the Time Redemption Prayer instruction like the Israelites at the Exodus. Nigeria shall become a safe haven for many and shall soar in the prosperity of the End Time.

OUR COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY of the day is simply the Time Redemption Prayer. That is to stay WAKE and ALIVE by the night of Crossover 31st December between the hours (11pm 12am and 1am (night). You are to plead the Blood of Jesus Christ on top of hours revealed 11pm, 12am and 1am at least seven times each on yourself, (name), day and Nigeria. For example I cover Nigeria with the Blood of Jesus Christ.

It is also necessary that this instruction (of the Time Redemption Prayer) is obeyed by all peace loving people from their houses or various beginning from the Monday 26th December 2018 unto that last day’ at for at least seven days and compulsorily on the night of the Crossover into the New Year. And it shall be truly a new beginning and the Greater New Nigeria in the glory of God.   
Remember, there are plenty of evil plans by the enemies of Nigeria to destroy and kill peace loving people in their gatherings on that same day but they shall fail and they shall be no more. They will fall by their own traps and be taken by their own devices. This is not like any other message but carries an instruction of your unique responsibility today and on that day.

Everyone is implicated in this greatness. Those who obey the principle of freedom and greatness shall be secured, great and free.  We need all peace loving people in Nigeria ad Nigerians to partake it this as a National Service.

Visit www.newworldark.net to download the full message free for ` the ARISE NIGERIA National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria and what you should do.  

Please TODAY/NOW, share this message to your family, friends, colleagues, groups and to all peace loving people of Nigeria to stand in Judgment and Justice for their lives and to take the lead. Please do it now…Share this message, be patriotic. Congratulations!

For the National Day of Divine Intervention and Judgment Against Evil in Nigeria, it is written  
Watch, the day is coming, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yes, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that is coming shall burn them up, says the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them with neither root nor branch. But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up (increased/progress) as calves of the stall (new plants). And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do [this], saith the LORD of hosts.”   Malachi 4:1-3

The day will surely come but let the glory of God be yours or be made manifest in your life same day and beyond by using the Time Redemption from your location. It may now be clear to everyone that the solution Nigeria needs is clearly divine for leadership, security and otherwise as being revealed. The Time Redemption Prayers is the most selfless service that is needed now and for this purpose. 

Hear me if God did not send me with this, then I shall be judged with evil today and on that day- ID OKETA

Download the FULL MESSAGE

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