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This publication and dialogue is supporting efforts that strengthen the public understanding of religion and documentaries about religion/faith in GodOne of the general ways to improve the unity of Faith is by exposing and encouraging the Time Redemption Prayer by spirited individuals from all faith, religion or location and ethnicity.
Let us take it this way or find answers to the following questions:
1.      How can we or all those who believe in God be united in faith?
2.      If you truly believe in God, then what way or time can you pray to God independently but in unity with other believers?
3.      Can such principle of unity be proven to be naturally or spiritually effective with Scriptural accuracy?

As being explored, the best religious unity is possible by the Time Redemption Prayer: a gathering of believers to God independently from their various locations at certain ours of the night or day. And it is carefully proven from the Bible and the Quran as divine instruction of God.

Do you care to know more about this? Then plan to attend any of our discussions; read over the website; access the books/articles or the pamphlets etc.   
You further called to understand the provision of God in the Time Redemption Prayer through which the works of evil to be destroyed in the land with all kinds of divine interventions for personal and general benefit.    

If you willing to be a participant in our discussion or to send us articles to be considered for publication then write to us through info@newworldark.net or + 2347037384814

E. Odagboyi
Chief Editor

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