The New World Order is the mission of establishing the unity of mankind in peace for all forms of superior transformation from one nation to another.  

There are about 65,000 spoken languages in the world with about 520 in Nigeria across over 250 ethnic groups. The question is that how can we being good people be united in the spirit for the best without being in one place or location.   

The New World Order is the discovery of the universal leadership or dominion system in time through which all people can be united in spirit for effective prayers; worship to God and in leadership service to nationhood and love for one another.

This principle can be used by anyone who believes in the unity of mankind and in the Supremacy of God. In all nations of the world, people have developed or discovered many ways to reach God; which is good but some of those ways have become infective against the times now.

The New World Order for human and universal transformation is proven from many religious doctrinaires even the Bible, which we shall establish a firm foundation.

It has been discovered that the more mankind are united in peace and love by the leadership time in any nation or time zone, the more prosperous and knowledgeable they will be and as a result there shall be better individual and national transformation in all good perspectives of life and success.      

Join me today as we explore the New World Order for Human and Universal Transformation through which we can create sustainable universal wealth, end terrorism and other vices.

God’s Servant and Messenger in Unity of the Faith and Mankind

Don’t choose to fail by rejecting proven principles of life.
Join this national and universal course of success.
And remember that the law of God is revealed, doable or and to be obeyed for success and not all about what you should not do.
God’s love is not packaged in any box or thing rather than the revealed instruction of success for mankind to obey from time to time to determine or establish progress.
Life is better and sweeter as a human being not as an angel. It is the man (soul/body/spirit) not the angels who should have full dominion with God to do and to undo as co-creators.
It is a rare privilege to alive now and with the New World Order
Take this opportunity.

We are transforming our lives, Nigeria and world
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