A lot may have been known about water or warm water therapy against many diseases and sicknesses but a new research and experience have proven. Water/warm water can be more effective against all types of diseases and against ageing at certain time/hours and quantity within 3-7days by which this new approach can handle the following diseases and many others ailments better and faster.

1.      All types of diabetes
2.      High blood pressure
3.      Low blood pressure
4.      Epilepsy/Strange Attacks
5.       Increasing level of cholesterol
6.      All kinds of pain
7.      Asthma and lungs problems
8.      Bodily discomfort
9.      All types of Cough
10.  Mental Problems
11.   Blockage of veins/Arteries
12.  Disease related to Uterus & Urine
13.   Stomach problems
14.   Poor appetite
15.  Migraine
16.  Menstrual Pain or Problems
17.  Also all diseases related to the eyes, ear & throat
18.  Headache
19.  Joints pains and problems
20.  Sudden increase and decrease of heartbeat
21.  Ageing
The Right Procedure:
The right procedure is that you should take/drink 1-2liters of water within the hours of 11pm-1am (night) and one litter at noon 12noon (daytime).

Let the water be normal temperature or warm according to availability but not cold or refrigerated. Refrigerated water is extremely bad for health and should be avoided.  The reason for hot/warm water is that it may be taken in lesser quantity and can produce quicker result(s).
Yes, it is this simple and short and should be practiced whether you are sick or not for health maintenance

Yes, it is this simple and short. It will amaze you and only you may be able to explain your success and experience it for yourself. This will do the magic/miracle within few (3-7) days far more than you can imagine.

Within 7-21days, the followings can be completely eliminated e,g Diabetes, all types Cancer, Stroke, all types of Infections, Low Sperm Count, Blood Shortage, Eye problems, Chronic menstrual pain or disorders, Brain disorders, Internal Heat, Infertility, overweight/obesity , Typhoid, malaria, Asthma, Tuberculosis Kidney diseases, All bone/joint problems, High Blood Pressure, Hepatitis,  pile, and all known and unknown Diseases. This is perfect for easy delivery for pregnant women and solution to infertility. It helps conventional drugs to work better and also to completely remove toxins and left over from food and use of drugs.
This is REAL- TRY IT and it works like Magic. Many people are testifying of this great discovery already. Do not allow yourself or loved one to die…because of unbelief or doubt. 

The Right time is most important along with the right action against any matter. Whatever is done at the wrong time may become wrong or produce wrong result. While time is the ONLY element equally distributed to all people, water is LIFE is the all encompassing medicine which many are yet to discover. Some say Time is life and water is Life. Therefore a perfect combination of the two can lead to the transformation of the human body.

The night time is the best time to have enough water in your body since all the organs use water faster and you also lose more water through breathing (faster), sweating and urinating. But against this through ignorance, many people go without enough water and which means they keep harming their body and life like a generator set working/functioning always without enough engine oil. Some people slump and die and then most people attribute it to witchcraft attack but not knowing that is commonly lack of enough water in the body and in the blood which often make their blood thicker and can causes stroke, Kidney failure, heart attack, High Blood Pressure etc.
It is the water and time that you have...use it is wisely and profitably by this knowledge. I did not say you should come and let me give you water from somewhere; but to use the water and time that you have.
Now you can get healed and healthy with little or no money and on your own.  Now you can speed up your healing and live healthy at all times.  They are many things that this discovery will do for you if you practice it to your own amazement and benefit. There are millions of bacterial in your intestine and toxics/leftovers in your body system that it is only water even through this therapy that you can remove them constantly and no drugs or supplements will remove them effectively. This is the truth.   
Meanwhile, this is revealed by God and this is discovered by a group of researchers and medical scientists lead by a Nigerian Ijigban Daniel Oketa.

For more support/ testimonies and comments Visit www.newworldark.net  Or call +234 090 76821115

Pictures and More explanations Beloo
In addition to the use of The Time for Universal leadership and Success, the use of water (warm or normal temperature) for drinking at the appropriate time can deliver extraordinary health benefits and solutions. Therefore, the discovered health and wellness secret states that you should take about 1-2liters of water at the leadership time or hours by night and 1liter by the day or at 12noon.  

This is not only for prevention but for cures against all forms of diseases and illnesses: Diabetes, all types Cancer, Stroke, all types of Infections, Low Sperm Count, Blood Shortage, Eye problems, Chronic menstrual pain or disorders, Brain disorders, Internal Heat, Infertility, overweight/obesity , Typhoid/malaria, Asthma, Tuberculosis  Kidney diseases, All bone/joint problems, High Blood Pressure, Hepatitis,  pile, and all known and unknown Diseases; to stop Ageing and live above 100years; Break Deadly Addictions; Brain Boost Mechanism; Immune Boost/Defense; Energy & Vitality; Digestive/Nutrition Health; Bone Health etc.

Remember that water is life to all and the most important medicine of life. And the right time of life and leadership with the force of life (spoken words) has been discovered. The perfect combination of the three powers of life and creation (WATER, TIME and SPOKEN WORDS ) is indeed a mystery being revealed.


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Get systematic over everything including the time, leadership and success with your health.
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