The Time Redemption Prayers (TRP) is God’s revelation of the unity structure of Christians in Prayers in any country and all over the world for massive divine intervention. It reveals a specific time by which a unity prayer should be held by all children of God irrespective of their locations. The time is between 11pm-1am by night and at 12noon by day daily. 

It is God’s power to help mankind destroy evil and it is man’s selfless and sacrificial work of faith to pray by the Time Redemption principle. 

You may not pray because you fear evil since there is a hope in death. But pray because it is your RIGHT and DUTY to pray and to pray according to GOD’S WILL AND PLAN OR TIME.

It is both personal and unity time of prayers for all Christians and those who obey God.
1.     It is the Perfect way to praise God; King David did so praising God daily even though he was king/president (Psalm 119:62 KJV).
2.     It is the Perfect way to Worship God; Jesus Christ commanded everyone to pray by the time even 12noon everyday forever: (John 4:6, 21-23).
3.     It is the Perfect way of Prayer and Lifestyle; King David did so for His voice to be heard (Psalm 55:16-17). And God delivered him.
4.     Example of the Master: Jesus did so daily and during the Transfiguration, Surrender/capture, Crucifixion and Resurrection Etc at the same time. See Luke 21:37, Acts 1:1. John 19:13
5.     The earlier disciples including Peter, Paul and Silas all used the time to be saved/delivered : See Acts 12:1-20, Acts 10:9-13, Acts 16:25-34 etc.
6.     Not Praying by the right time chosen by God in unity is the mistake of the whole Christians worldwide that permits evil Psalms32:6,  Isaiah 24:5-6.John 4:6.21-24.
7.     The Holy Ghost: The power of the Holy Ghost Came and is effective daily with those who obey AT THE SAME TIME- Night : Acts 2:1-4,14-15.  
8.     Everlasting Success with God: Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Elijah, James, John, Peter, the early disciples etc used it individually and collectively to succeed. Transfer their blessings and to decree God’s judgment and Justice.
9.     Clearing Spiritual Darkness: The 12noon begins a SPIRITUAL DARKNESS against everyone daily. And it demand your WORDS BY THE BLOOD to introduce light/life upon your way/life (Job 5:14, Psalms 91:  Mathew 27:45-46, John 19:34, Acts 10:9-13)
10.                        Israelites used it to come out of slavery and death: This was when God made this a FOREVER COVENANT of prayers, service in faith, grace and love. See Exodus 12
11.                        The Jews in Shushan with Mordecai and Esther used it to destroy the Religious Cleansing plan of Haman: See the Book of Esther 7-9

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